Sunday, January 22, 2017

Jim speaks today on MPR: 2-4pm CT

Today on MPR Radio: Jim speaks of his 50 year history in Ely. 2-4pm CT

Tom Weber from MPR Radio searching for wolf tracks at my Ravenwood home
I was honored when Minnesota Public Radio's Tom Weber spent a day with me at my home in the forest on the edge of the Boundary Waters last week. We talked of far ranging subjects such as the fascinating and complex culture of Ely, politics, the disappearance of the local wolf packs I have filmed for 35 years near my home and the future of the Boundary Waters in relation to mining. This broadcast today from 2-4pm is a 50-year anniversary special celebration of the founding of MPR. That coincides with my first coming to Ely 50 years ago. 

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