Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's video message from Jim Brandenburg

2017 NEW YEAR MOVIE from jim brandenburg on Vimeo.


  1. thank you for sharing your considerable talent with us all. I have a print of the arctic wolf in my home along with several others. I share your concern about the loss of your beloved pack but also a cautious hope that we can come together to bring positive changes in the years ahead. Happy New Year to you and Judy!

  2. Thank you, Jim. These are indeed challenging times. I worry about the wolves where I live too. Once the media revealed their presence (after almost 30 years running under the radar), controversy has followed and now with the new administration, who knows what will happen? Time to join organizations, write letters, and get involved.

  3. Thank you Jim. Happy New Year to you and, while things are changing, we can hope they change for the better. But I rest easy knowing there are photographers who will always fight for what is right and true.


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