Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice

Vi elsker vort land,
men ved midsommer mest,
når hver sky over marken 
velsignelsen sender...

We love our country,
especially in the summer,
when every cloud over the field 
is a blessing...

from Holger Drachmann's midsummer hymn

Last year Jim celebrated summer solstice near Copenhagen, Denmark where, since the time of the Vikings, people have gathered at midsummer to celebrate sankthans, or St John's Eve, by hosting picnics, parades, and bonfires.

On this first day of summer, Jim was following a procession of singers to the beach (where they were going to burn a witch effigy). When he spotted the rainbow, he turned and made this photo.

Jim recently discovered that he is of Danish descent, which may explain his good mood! Denmark is known throughout the world to be among the happiest countries and cultures.

However you are celebrating the solstice, we wish you a happy one!

M599 Denmark Rainbow

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