Friday, June 20, 2014

Pic of the Week: Lilies and Minnows

" The Quiet Place"
Brandenburg Gallery

Fun Fact: To create this image, Jim used a special underwater housing that he constructed. A cable connected the camera to the computer, transforming his monitor into a viewfinder.

Pic of the Week (June 20, 2014): NW695 Lilies and Minnows

Pic of the Week features the images of Jim Brandenburg, as selected weekly by his staff. With each selection, we hope to highlight the depth, breadth, and splendor of his work. For information on purchasing this, or any Brandenburg image, please visit, the Brandenburg Gallery in Ely, Minnesota (877) 493-8017, or the Brandenburg Gallery in Luverne, Minnesota (888) 283-4061.

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  1. How beautiful! A peek at the life below the surface. As a child I played at the edge, and sometimes in the water, of a small creek in the woods near my home. I was always fascinated at all the life forms I found there. I was definitely the tom-boy girl of the neighborhood as most of my girl friends wouldn't go near anything like toads and minnows! Thank you so much for sharing, I so enjoy your photography of the natural world.


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