Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vote for your favorite image...

Avocets, Holland

Sand River, Lake County

Sleigh, Russia
We are having a hard time choosing our Winter Seasonal Collector's Print and are asking for your help.   Looking at the three images above, which image would you like to see as our 2011 Winter Seasonal Collector's Print?  All images were taken within the last two months. Please vote below.  We will announce the winning print on Monday morning!  Thanks for your help!


  1. From one Brandenburg to another, Magnificent!

  2. I'm trom Holland and love the image of the Avocets, but THE Sand River landscape is really amazing. Beautifull colors and shapes. Definitly my favourite...

  3. Sharon Hubbard and canine pal, BrandoJanuary 28, 2011 at 4:54 PM

    Love the Sand River, Lake County photo! Stunning!! I love how clouds are coming alive above the trees. We love that your from America's Coolest Small Town in America, Ely, MN too!

  4. Sand River photo is truly beautiful. I love how you captured the halo over the evergreens and how it's reflected into the river. Love your work and love Ely - The Coolest Small Town in America. I give this photo 10 stars. I vote for this one. Blessings and Bear Hugs, Susan (Twin from Hartford, WI).

  5. Sand River reminds me of a mythical winter Oasis, like out of the Narnia movie

  6. They are beautiful!!! Anyone would be outstanding. Looking through your new work one really struck me and I would point and say that's it. The Flying Swans - Mississippi Winter is absolutly beautiful. Can't get over it. I'm going to go with something different here that I think you really love and it's the Sleigh, Russia. It would make a beautiful Winter print! Congratulations on your work!

  7. Jim;
    Watching your photos is a great inspiration for me. Also thanks for an interesting show you gave us here in Norway a few years ago at the Naturfotofestival in Vennesla.



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