Friday, August 14, 2009

Meet Jim at the Ely gallery

Jim will be in the Brandenburg Gallery in Ely on Saturday, August 15th, from noon - 3pm. Stop by, say hello and check out what he's been shooting this week!


  1. Hi Jim,

    Great use of the IR technique in nature photography. Most of the times maybe a bit not-done in nature photography as an aspect, but I really like the atmosphere here. Is it converted into IR by software?

    I find myself browsing more and more on your website.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Kind regards, Andrew George
    from The Netherlands

  2. Hi Jim,

    The IR effect is excellent for this image! Although it's a bit not-done in nature photography as an aspect. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Can you tell me how u made the IR conversion?

    Kind regards, Andrew George
    The Netherlands

  3. Hi Andrew - Jim had a Canon 20D converted to IR at LifePixel. To view more info, please visit the link below. Thanks for your comments!

    Heidi Brandenburg


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