Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year! A snowy end of the decade.

I don’t remember having this much snow during the holidays in my almost half century living here next to the BWCA wilderness on the Canadian border of Minnesota. A couple of days ago on December 30th I filmed a slow motion sequence with my iPhone of my old friend Canada jay during a lovely snowfall. The Canada jay is known to have the remarkable quality of trusting humans, more than any animal I know here in the boreal forest. “Camp Robber” is the local name they are given because if you turn your back while camping they may steal away with a food morsel. Through the years I have felt more and more affection for these birds. They make one smile on a cold winter day with their trust and intelligence. And they choose to stay here in the cold far north instead of migrating south, unlike most other birds! They also lay their eggs when there is still snow on the forest floor.   

I’m hoping the coming year will be an uplifting one for all of you. The series will continue through the next year where you may enjoy many more peaceful natural moments from my backyard. Thank you for your continued support.

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