Monday, November 28, 2016

2016 Montier-en-Der Nature Photography Festival

This past week, I have been in France working on a new movie and attending a nature photography exhibition of my work in Montier-en-Der, located in the champagne district of France. Montier-en-Der is a village of about 2,000 people and incredibly there are about 40,000 visitors that come over a period of 4 days to view the photography. With that, it is said by some to be the largest animal and nature photography festival in the world. The French have a deep love of photography and nature, these numbers point this out. I was exhibiting with other European photographers.

I was also fortunate to spend time with my good friend Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk who lives in Nepal and has produced many best selling books on meditation, ethics, and photography. I have learned much from his work.

Jim & Matthieu Ricard

Included here are some moments from two of my exhibits at Montier-en-Der. One large outdoor exhibit that travels around France is called Un Homme et des Loups – A Man and Wolves. The other indoor exhibit is The Awakening, the 93 days of spring that was in the May, 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine.

"Blondie" the last wolf I have seen in the wild.

A preview of The Awakening Spring Project.

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