Friday, July 18, 2014

Pic of the Week: Heron, Pine, Fog

"There is so much to love about this image. The beautiful composition, the unexpectedness of the heron atop the spruce, the stately leaning white pine, the softening fog - simply elegant."

Brandenburg Gallery
Ravenwood Studios

Notes on Heron, Pine, Fog from Jim Brandenburg:

"Most people put their camera away in the fog or bad weather. I see it as an opportunity to create an emotional atmosphere. In this case, the fog brought a simplifying effect - acting like a seamless studio backdrop, allowing the subject to stand out from its surroundings.

I was shooting the 90 days of summer (which became the Looking for the Summer book) when I came upon this scene at Section 12 Lake near my home. I had shot from this place many times, but on this day everything looked better than usual. The forest is visually complex if not chaotic. I often find it difficult to represent the simpler elements, the ones I most respond to. On this day, the fog acted as a filter.

In June, 2003, National Geographic Magazine published selections from this 90 day journal in a story called 'Boundary Waters'. It was the first non-film (digital) photography story in the magazine's history. 

The letters to the editor in the NG Magazine were quite critical of the use of digital cameras in the next month's issue. Being the first 'digital' story ever, it raised a lot of eyebrows.  

I remember well the mistrust I had of my digital camera's ability to properly record the scenes, especially the important ones.  I actually carried an extra film camera body with me to 'back-up' the digital version. 

Today, with the extremely rare exception, all of the National Geographic's stories are shot digitally."

Pic of the Week (July 18, 2014): DOS17 Heron, Pine, Fog
Pic of the Week features the images of Jim Brandenburg, as selected weekly by his staff. With each selection, we hope to highlight the depth, breadth, and splendor of his work. 

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  1. Great shot Jim! Love the "little" bird in the environment with the fog.


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