Friday, May 23, 2014

Pic of the Week: Two Boys Walk in Village

"This beautiful photo captures a moment of a time gone by. China has been changing at a very fast pace over the past several decades, and scenes like this one are hard to find, if they are not gone already. There's something about this image that captures the sense of time for me, though, more so than many others. I think it might be the wisps of smoke and the moment between the boys, one having just put his arm around the other as they each take a step along the road, but I am drawn in as my eyes explore the photo and the smoke drifts by."

Ravenwood Studios

Pic of the Week (May 23, 2014): M585 Two Boys Walk in Village- China

Pic of the Week features the images of Jim Brandenburg, as selected weekly by his staff. With each selection, we hope to highlight the depth, breadth, and splendor of his work. For information on purchasing this, or any Brandenburg image, please visit, the Brandenburg Gallery in Ely, Minnesota (877) 493-8017, or the Brandenburg Gallery in Luverne, Minnesota (888) 283-4061.

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