Friday, May 16, 2014

Pic of the Week: New Birch Leaves

"This is what I wait for each spring. 
Here, rain and sunlight dance together, 
and little wings burst from branches to catch the wind.  
All this, captured in a moment."

Brandenburg Gallery 

Pic of the Week (May 16, 2014): NW738 New Birch Leaves

Pic of the Week features the images of Jim Brandenburg, as selected weekly by his staff. With each selection, we hope to highlight the depth, breadth, and splendor of his work. For information on purchasing this, or any Brandenburg image, please visit, the Brandenburg Gallery in Ely, Minnesota (877) 493-8017, or the Brandenburg Gallery in Luverne, Minnesota (888) 283-4061.

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  1. This is so must look at it full screen. Wonderful. Thank you.


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