Monday, November 12, 2012

Jim Premieres the New Nikon P7700

Jim was honored to participate in another Nikon project, the release of the Nikon Coolpix P7700.  Nikon spent a week in Ely, Minnesota filming Jim as he used the P7700.  They visited several of Jim's favorite areas to photograph, all located around his home, Ravenwood.  To see video of Jim using the P7700 and additional sample images, please visit this link.

The Nikon Coolpix P7700 is the newest flagship model for Nikon’s Coolpix series of cameras. The P7700 is a high-performance compact digital camera loaded with functions that allow users to enjoy full-scale photography similar to that possible with a digital-SLR camera.

I often take a small simple camera with me when I go for a casual walk or canoe paddle near my home. I was pleased to work with my Nikon friends from Tokyo in introducing this exciting new P7700 pocket camera. I am surprised at how many "keepers" are made during my casual walks. This camera has enough quality to easily produce images that I will be able to publish in magazines and books. Some of the movie of me shooting with this camera was made in Brittany France while I was on assignment and some was shot while I was at home at Ravenwood.

 The Nikon crew filming Jim in the studio at his home, Ravenwood
Nikon Tech/Development: Masaya Takahashi, Videographer: Laurent Joffrion,Creative Director: Soichi Hayashi, Sound: Anthony Brandenburg, Photo: Alex Messenger

My Italian Greyhound Gracie stands at attention in the Ravenwood guest room.
My son Anthony plays our David Seaton custom made guitar at the waterfall sauna.
I often canoe past this ancient cliff-dwelling white cedar in the Boundary Waters wilderness near my home.
A blue jay feather glistens with water drops.
Weather can add an atmosphere that is often more photographically interesting than a sunny day image.
Rookie Lake has a cliff vista and is a place where people stop to make photographs.
I often do the same but try to see it in a new way.
Ravenwood Falls looks more inviting when shot with a long exposure.

The old white cedar on the wilderness cliff in the moonlight.
A strobe adds a fill light for detail in the low light of dusk.
A loon family swims in the clear water of Ojibway Lake near my home.

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  1. A goal in my life is to own one of his photographs, such a wonderful eye for them.


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