Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seasonal Collector's Print #30 ~ Old Growth Oaks

The sweeping green boughs of Old Growth Oaks, Noirmoutier Island, France, our latest Seasonal Collector's Print, pulls us into the beautiful bends and curves of a captivatingly beautiful wood of mossy oaks.
Seasonal Collector's Print #30 ~ Old Growth Oaks, France

"Off the central Atlantic coast of France is the small island of Noirmoutier, known for its sandy beaches, dunes, salt marshes and woods. I've always been fascinated with Viking history and it is reported the first Viking raid on continental Europe was on this island in 799. I was on an assignment for Nikon to premier their new D800, a game-changing 36 mega pixel camera. I had been looking for the perfect landscape when I saw this group of old-growth Holm Oak trees. The branches seemed to reach out like the arthritic fingers of old Vikings trying to grasp the last glimmer of the soft afternoon light."

The Jim Brandenburg Collectors Series features four seasonal prints a year. Each season, we will feature a new image that has never been printed, and will be available only at the Brandenburg Gallery. The featured image will be a signed and titled, 8"x12" Giclee Fine Art Print on 100% cotton paper at a special price of $75 or framed for $230. Previous seasonal images can be purchased at any time for $125 or framed for $280. 

"I rarely hang photographs that I have made on the walls of my home. After seeing this image printed at 42 inches, I found it virtually hung itself!  I could not resist. Photographer friends that visit find it hard to believe it was made with a 35mm camera. It has the look of a print made from a large format camera. I now wonder what is left in the advance of camera technology."


  1. Were these shot with the new D800? There amazing regardless!

  2. This is so beautiful. I have a small Desert Broom on my patio and in the early morning the colors are the same as these. This is just beautiful. Thank You for posting.


  4. These branches have so much character. We have a similar type tree here in the Central Valley, called the Valley Oak. Your composition is really mesmerising!


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