Saturday, March 17, 2012

Exclusive Interview with Jim about the Nikon D800

Legendary National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg was given unique access to the Nikon D800 ahead of its launch.  In this exclusive interview with What Digital Camera,  he shares his first impressions of the new camera.

Selected extracts from the interview can be seen on YouTube.


  1. This just confirms everything I've been feeling about this new camera. Can't wait to take delivery and start using it!

  2. Hi Jim-
    Thanks for sharing your insights in the video, as well as your thoughts at the Professional Insights section of the NPS site.
    Question on the 800/800E- I'm most likely purchasing the 800 as I'll be shooting video as well as stills, and do a lot of portraiture work as well. How big a difference do you think you'll see in prints? Will you see it at 16x20, 24x30 or really at larger sizes?
    Happy I discovered your work!

  3. Thank you sharing your thoughts on the new D800. I assume you were using the D800 as opposed to the D800E. Is the D800E your preferred model for landscapes?

  4. Boo!! Why is the vid not working anymore!

  5. Aye... video's not working. Any chance of getting the whole thing on youtube? Or fixing whatever's troubling the videoplayer on this site?


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