Wednesday, January 18, 2012

50 Greatest Pictures

National Geographic 50 Greatest Pictures issue is now available in print and an iPad app.  This special edition includes Jim's well-known image of the leaping arctic wolf.   The image originally ran in the May 1987 issue of National Geographic magazine as part of Jim's story "At Home with the Arctic Wolf," documenting the arctic wolves of Ellesmere Island, Canada.


  1. i had seen this and congradulations jim, i always said you are the BEST in show. lov and i have loved your work for many years now . I WOULD REALLY LOV YOUR BOOK MORE IF YOU WOULD BE HONORED TO SIGN IT FOR ME/ THEN I WOULD BUY IT. WITH ADMIRATION EGROSSMAN

  2. Hi Jim, The saga continue! Congrats for the honor of inclusion in the top 50. The white wolves legacy just continues!

    Steve Voiles


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