Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jim Brandenburg's best-selling book Chased by the Light is now available as an app for the iPad. This amazing interactive book takes you along on Jim's 90-day photographic journey with insight and imagery like never before. Integrated with his beautiful and evocative photographs are video clips from the Chased by the Light documentary and music and audio clips from acoustic performing artist Michael Monroe.

"Looking at the Chased by the Light app on an iPad is like seeing the images for the first time all over again," says Jim. "I love books, but this re-birth takes the experience to a new level."
To get back to the soul of his work, Jim sets himself the task of taking only one photograph each day for the ninety days of fall.  The landscape he chooses is his home - the boreal forest of northern Minnesota.  "I had set myself a challenge: that for ninety days between the autumnal equinox and winter solstice I would make only one photograph a day.  There would be no second exposure, no second chance."  The images that result are quietly provoking.  In a wonderful progression, we follow him through the first snowfall into the depths of winter - an amazing journey.
"I am excited to have such a stunning and high quality new way to show images that I have worked so hard to capture... My congratulations to the team that put so much effort and talent into its construction," says Jim.
The entire photographic collection appeared in the November 1997 issue of National Geographic magazine as North Woods Journal.  This story was- according to editor William Allen - "the most photographs the magazine has ever published in one feature in its entire history...and by the way, using the least amount of film."

Jim is currently working on his next app, which will be a retrospective of his life's work. An exhibition of these 120 photographs is currently touring museums in Europe. 

The Chased by the Light app is available in the iTunes App Store or can be found at http://apps.jimbrandenburg.com/cbtl/Apps.html


  1. This is very exciting. Thank you for posting this and letting us know that this wonderful work has a new outlet. I can't wait to see it.

  2. I really enjoyed your documentary “Chasing the Light.” I was inspired to reach deeper into myself and produce better images. I plan to try a similar type of assignment one day.


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