Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

"Growing up, this was a common sight at Thanksgiving near my boyhood home. Fields like this were a familiar landscape and have remained a fond visual memory. This is a recent photograph I made next to my prairie farm in Rock County, Minnesota. On the other side of the road lies our pride and joy, Touch the Sky Prairie. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you all." 

Jim Brandenburg


  1. A picture of home on Thanksgiving. It makes the heart soar.

  2. your website is not available on Ipad. Such a pity because I adore your work.

  3. Reminds of Christmas's spent at my grandparents farm in northern Virginia. The bedroom I always slept in had a window that faced a big open field. I would wake early in the morning to the calls of whippoorwills, and if lucky - snow!


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