Monday, October 10, 2011

Arctic Wolf Included in Top 10 Milestones in Photography

National Geographic's Top 10 Milestones in Wildlife Photography includes Jim's image of an arctic wolf testing the water on Ellesmere Island.

In the mid-1980s, Jim spent 3 consecutive summers on Ellesmere Island working with a pack of wild arctic wolves.  This extraordinary portfolio of wildlife photographs was first featured in the May, 1987 issue of National Geographic magazine, followed by the publication of Jim's best-seller, White Wolf.  Jim also was Producer, Director and Cinematographer of a National Geographic movie, White Wolf, based on the same arctic wolf pack.  Today, Jim still considers this project as the highlight of his career.

Love this image?  It's available as wallpaper from National Geographic or a signed photographic print from


  1. Congratulations. Got my book at home. Lovely images. And better story.

  2. Congratulations Jim.

    But wasn't it obvious, to me it was.

    Greetings from Groningen,
    Nico Huising


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