Monday, March 14, 2011

Aurora Borealis

"We've had a real shortage of aurora borealis in the last few years. This is not a great shot but it's more than we've had for some time. This building is a space where I spend a lot of my private time. Many of my important writing projects have been born and completed here.  I carved the wolf weather vane more than 30 years ago and like to think that rather than measuring the direction of the wind, it gives me the direction of which way to head out on my next photo quest."  ~ Jim


  1. Green...the perfect color for March.

  2. Hi! I recently bought a picture from you. It is now framed and on the way up on the wall. There it will bee side by side to the signed pictures I have of Joyce Tenneson and Bruce Barnbaum. The image is "Wolf in bog". I love it.

    BR Lars Andreas Dybvik
    Norwegian Nature Photographer

  3. Awesome photo. I'd brave the cold to see that in person. (Note: I'm currently in the County Donegal, Ireland, and freezing, lol.

  4. What a magnificient natural wonder you've captured.

    I'm still waiting to see this phenomenon in person, until then, I'm pleased with artists like you who make shots like this one.

    What a beautiful and pleasant place you've got to spend your private time.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  5. You are so very lucky to have lived and loved in such an awesome place!

  6. A very nice place, with spectacular views, you are lucky enough to live there
    Best regards

  7. Hello, you have very very beautiful photos here, congratulations!I'll be following you!


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