Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seasonal Collector's Print #26 ~ Blue Jay Battle

"Through the years I've noticed that Blue Jays often have a mixed reputation among the casual birders that have been watching the comings and goings at their backyard feeders. The dominant and aggressive ways of this showy member of our colorful year-round resident are not easily missed. We like to attach human qualities to animals - behaviorists call it Anthropomorphism. I believe nature has its own mysterious ways of working things out."  - Jim Brandenburg 

The Jim Brandenburg Collectors Series features four seasonal prints a year. Each season, we will feature a new image that has never been printed, and will be available only at the Brandenburg Gallery. The featured image will be a signed and titled, 12"x8" Giclee Fine Art Print on 100% cotton paper at a special price of $75 or framed for $230. Previous seasonal images can be purchased at any time for $125 or framed for $280.  To view other prints in the Collector's Series, please visit our website and click on Seasonal Collector's Series.


  1. I love that picture! Especially the expression on the little bird observing them.

  2. Great Picture!! With a Spirit in it!!
    Anneke Ritmeester

  3. The entire frame of this shot - perfection


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