Thursday, September 2, 2010


Red Deer Stag
Red Deer Herd
Dancing Dog
Canal House, Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum (via iPhone)
Polish Konik, Oostvaardersplassen, Netherlands
Polish Konik, Oostvaardersplassen, Netherlands


  1. Jim, whatever shows up in front of your lens, you make beautiful of it! I love to see my country this way!

  2. Hello Jim,

    I like the picture with the bird and the konik in the Oostvaardersplassen. I am glad that you have seen this part of Holland.
    Aad Vogel the Nederlands

  3. Dear Jim,
    Thank you for you unexpected but very welcom visit to Holysloot.
    It was really nice meeting you!
    You made a great less usual impression of Dutch graphics than you see often.
    I love the chaos of Koniks on photo 4, the great colours around the red deer on photo 1, the timing of the predator bird, the mill details trough te windows of the canal house and especially... the way my bird is looking angry and suspious trough your lens, while I'm not paying attention!

    Kim Dickhout-Buijs

  4. He Jim,

    even thought there are so many photographers at those Deer everyday, i've never seen a picture showing the Deer in combination with the coloured flowers in a great way like yours.

  5. Wonderful pictures Jim!

  6. Dear Jim, long time since we last met in Germany! It is funny to see you, the man of the wilderness, taking pictures in one of the most crowded countries in the World! Needless to say, they are really nice shots! Cheers, Bruno D'Amicis (the bears guy..)

  7. Hi Jim. I just happened upon this site, which I did not know existed. I could swear it was not here five years ago. I have wished one thing all of my life. I want to thank you. I do not trust the internet but if some how, some way you can read this. I want you to know how your work has inspired me, tortured me and fully embraced me. I feel very silly now, crying as I write this. You have been my soul inspiration to investigate life, nature, everything. You are my hero. Thank You.

  8. Don't know if the comment went through, so I'll ask the question again: Are the Konik horses originally Polish? Just read that they have introduced them to Scotlans (


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