Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Message from Jim & Images from the Netherlands

Red Light District Swans 

Deer in Holland

 Ice Skaters
"Thank you to everyone that attended my presentation this past weekend at Natuurfotografen Verbond Nederland in the Netherlands. It was a pleasure to meet you all. I was humbled by the large group with standing room only. I must say I had the best introduction ever from Henkjan Kievit! Special thanks to Danny Ellinger of Foto Natura and Eric Bergmeester and the Board of Directors at Natuurfotografen Verbond Nederland. Bedankt!"

The images above were made the day after Natuurfotografen Verbond Nederland in the Netherlands.  The images below are of Jim and various attendees at Natuurfotografen Verbond Nederland, photos courtesy of Eric Bergmeester.



  1. Great idea, great job, and a great blog. Hence you have my congratulations!

    Rene Volpi

    Blog: "Tales from The Amazon"(among other short stories). http://stillmind-thoughts,

  2. I was one of the people attending your presentation in Arnhem and I was very inspired by it.
    Also it is very interesting to see your view on Holland. I live in Amsterdam for 30 years now and many times I walked in the Red Light District. But never did I think of taking a picture of the canal swanns in that particular light.
    Thanks very much for showing me again that one dus not need to travel far to capture great images.

    Regards, Franka


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