Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Collector's Print #20 - Crow-Hassan Prairie

"Here is one of my recent and pleasant surprise discoveries in the Twin City metropolitan area, Crow-Hassan Park Reserve, part of the Three Rivers Park District. No matter when you visit the the 2600-acre park, you will be delighted with the many varieties of native plants and wildlife species. This photo was made on the 600 acres of restored prairie. It won't be long before the Gayfeathers are blooming again. Last August Neil Lucas, distinguished producer for BBC TV, and I filmed some prairie sequences there for the upcoming sequel to the renowned Planet Earth series titled Life."

- Jim Brandenburg

The Jim Brandenburg Collectors Series features four seasonal prints a year. Each season, we will feature a new image that has never been printed, and will be available only at the Brandenburg Gallery. The featured image will be a signed and titled, 12"x8" Giclee Fine Art Print on 100% cotton paper at a special price of $75 or framed for $230. Previous seasonal images can be purchased at anytime for $125 or framed for $280. To purchase, contact the Brandenburg Gallery at 877-493-8017 or visit the website at www.jimbrandenburg.com.


  1. Breathtaking! From the touch of sun falling on the clouds, to the gray and white of the clouds and a beautiful blue sky too! Just a beautiful mix of color and shapes!

  2. Can't find this image on your website.

  3. Another beautiful image, Jim. I love the large palette of colors created by the wildflowers and the immense, sweeping view. Very, very well done, as usual.

  4. Beautiful shot Jim. Looks like somewhere I need to get to. Love your work.

  5. Hi Jim,
    I was visiting a friend by the name of Geoff Simpson who lives in The Peak District National Park, England, GB. He has inspired me in my quest to become the best photographer I can be.

    He sat me down and made me watch you DVD, "Chasedby the light" you have also inspired me, fantastic film.

    Thanks Lee
    P.S. follow my blog leepaulsullivan.blogspot.com

  6. Sorry Jim, my blog is leesullivan.blogspot.com
    Its new so i'm still improving

  7. What a beautiful bouquet!!
    It is very Gorgeous colors.

    Your splendid photography enhances charm still more.

  8. Hi,

    Check this out: http://joemamerphotography.blogspot.com/2009/08/photoshop-by-jim-brandenburg.html

    What do you have to say about this??


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